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Here at All Y’alls Foods, a portion of all our sales (of both our vegan jerky & vegan bacony bits) go directly to help support Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and all the farm animals living out their lives at the facility. There are 120+ animals being cared for by the sanctuary at any given time, and that’s a lot of food, water, and upkeep! And if that isn’t enough, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary is also helping ranchers transition out of animal agriculture through their Rancher Advocacy Program. Partnering with a farm animal sanctuary with such a strong vision was a no-brainer for us.

How Rowdy Girl Sanctuary came to be

In 2009 Renee King-Sonnen moved to Angleton, Texas, onto her husband, Tommy’s 96-acre cattle ranch. It was the family business, and since cattle and beef are such a big part of Texan heritage, ranching was accepted as part of everyday life. But Renee was forming relationships with the cattle, naming them, and began to see their souls as sentient beings. After watching trailer after trailer of cattle taken off to the sale barn, she reached her breaking point. She knew she had to do something drastic to end the slaughter that their ranch was contributing to.

After watching just about every documentary about the animal agriculture industry and encouraging Tommy to do the same, they decided to go vegan and get out of the ranching business entirely. Renee raised the money via Indiegogo to purchase her husbands’ last herd, saving their lives and beginning the transition into a registered non-profit.

rowdy girl sanctuary founder and Brett

The founders of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary stayed in Angelton, Texas, at first, but after three major floods, they had to move themselves and the animals to their new home in Waelder, Texas. The sanctuary is now set on 147 acres, with tons of space for all the farm animals to thrive and enjoy their lives.

The mission of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has one main objective: to contribute to the end of cruel factory farming and animal agriculture practices. How do they do that? By rescuing farm animals and providing them with the care and compassion they deserve. They lead by example, inspiring cattle ranchers who think their current way of life is the only way and showing them there’s an alternative. It’s their goal to create a state-of-the-art animal care facility, which also serves as an environmental and plant-based resource education center. That is one of the main things that attract us at All Y’alls to partner with them and support this game-changing mission.

rowdy girl sanctuary donkeys

The animals of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary rescues any farm animals who are in distress. They provide care and a home for animals rescued from auction houses, bound for slaughter, abandoned, or living in situations where owners can no longer care for them. If you know of a farm animal that could use the help of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, you can fill out their farm animal rescue intake form here.

The original herd that Renee intended to purchase for Rowdy Girl Sanctuary was 28 cattle, but by the time she raised the funds, it had grown to 37, as nine babies were born. But she met her goal.

Since then, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has been rescuing tons of farm animals from distress and now cares for upwards of 100 different animals. These include Trixie and Dixie the donkeys, Gunther the goat, Leo the sheep, and Michael Jackson, the rooster. They also have many more pigs, goats, sheep, cows, chickens, and even a turkey!

Rancher advocacy program

For Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, rescuing farm animals from the slaughter and giving them a happy life in the sanctuary isn’t enough. They want to change the face of the animal agriculture industry and are doing so through their Rancher Advocacy Program. The Rancher Advocacy Program, or RAP for short, helps ranchers transition out of animal agriculture, showing them how to generate revenue in other ways, such as through plant-based farming. It connects them with the resources, education, investors, and experts required to make the transition seamless.

The founders of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary know that although they are doing good for the farm animals of Texas, it takes a collective effort to truly make significant changes.

The RAP also connects ranchers interested in transitioning out of animal agriculture with plant-based business owners who are seeking partnerships with farmers. This is an incredibly valuable program, and they currently have three ranches in the transition process.

This July, they are hosting their 4th Rancher Advocacy Program Summit, where they bring together farmers, ranchers, food and agriculture experts, activists, scientists, and more to discuss how farmers can make better choices about what they do with their land.

rowdy girl sanctuary cow

Families Choosing Compassion program

Recently, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has begun the process of initiating a new program – Families Choosing Compassion. This program will help children and families develop a deeper appreciation for farm animals. It will showcase how farm animals are similar to other animals that have been deemed “pets” in that they have unique personalities and are capable of experiencing pain and suffering. Children often experience desensitization around farm animals in the school system, where consuming meat, dairy, and eggs is normalized.

This program will also include education, such as speaking in schools and events about the mission of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary as a way to spread awareness. Families Choosing Compassion will be a great way for families to bond and learn more about animal activism and a more ethical lifestyle.

How can you support Rowdy Girl Sanctuary?

Sanctuaries like Rowdy Girl are doing life-changing work for animals, but they can only do so with the help of their supporters. In order to continue rescuing farm animals and caring for them, they need food, water, tools, farm equipment, and general infrastructure and have to constantly maintain enclosures and fencing. You can support them through donations, their “adopt an animal” program, or by purchasing All Y’alls Food products, where a portion of the sales go directly to Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.