vegan stores in the us

Our favorite vegan stores in the US


Often one of the most frustrating things about being a vegan is the time spent reading labels. Seemingly vegan products may include dairy, eggs, or animal products in their ingredients list. Luckily, as the number of people choosing plant-based options continues to rise, so does the number of businesses catering to them.

Now, there are entirely vegan stores popping up all around the US.

Here are some of our favorite vegan stores:

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nooch vegan market vegan store in the us
Photo credit: Nooch Vegan Market

1. NOOCH Vegan Market – Denver, Colorado

The word nooch makes vegans come running, and NOOCH Vegan Market in Denver is no exception. This small market has been open since 2012, making them one of the OGs on the vegan store scene. They sell bulk dry goods, snacks, vegan bacon, and soft-serve ice cream! You can also find vegan dog food and treats, vegan cheese, and of course, nutritional yeast.

besties vegan paradise vegan store in the us
Photo credit: Besties Vegan Paradise

2. Besties Vegan Paradise – Los Angeles, California

The name says it all! Besties is a paradise for the vegans of East Hollywood. Some stores sell vegan products, but it’s rare to find stores that sell ONLY vegan products. So, no more wasting time reading ingredient lists! One thing that sets Besties apart is that they only stock products from independent vegan brands that are not owned by non-vegan parent companies. And, around 30% of their products come from local producers.

At Besties Vegan Paradise, you can find everything from frozen meals and vegan mayonnaise to vegan jerky. They don’t just carry food products either. You can also find vegan vitamins, household items, and bath and body products.

rabbit food grocery vegan store in the us
Photo credit: Rabbit Food Grocery

3. Rabbit Food Grocery – Austin, Texas

Rabbit Food Grocery is a locally owned vegan market that is tucked away in Tarry Town. They have been open in this location since 2015, selling everything in your wildest vegan dreams. Not only are they committed to selling 100% vegan products, but they also stock tons of zero-waste household items like Unpaper towels, food warps, deodorants, and soaps.

Some food products you can find at Rabbit Food Grocery include meat substitutes, vegan cheese and dairy, condiments and sauces, and organic produce.

poco vegan market vegan store in the us
Photo credit: POCO Market

4. POCO Market – Bisbee, Arizona

POCO Market is a vegan market and grocer that also serves grab-and-go options each day. They sell a variety of plant-based meat alternatives, vegan snacks, vegan cheeses, beverages, and more. Located in downtown Bisbee, this is the only place in the area that offers 100% vegan products, making it a local favorite.

POCO also stocks local beers, housemade bug spray, local produce, and vegan baked goods! Their onsite restaurant is also open on the weekends, where you can enjoy quesadillas, burritos, burgers, and more.

soho juice co best vegan store in the us
Photo credit: Soho Juice Co.

5. SOHO Juice Co. – Multiple locations, Florida

SOHO Juice Co. is a vegan-friendly store with multiple locations across Florida, including Tampa, Winter Park, and St. Petersburg. While they are primarily known for serving smoothies, superfood bowls, and fresh juices, they also stock a variety of grab-and-go vegan options and other vegan treats. When it comes to their superfood bowls, they make many of the base ingredients in-house, including nut butters, nut milks, and drizzles.

They use eco-friendly materials in their takeaway containers, like compostable straws and utensils. One thing to note is that while they are nearly 100% vegan, some of their menu items do include honey. But if there are bee products in an item, it is clearly stated on the menu.

plant based grocery best vegan store in the us
Photo credit: Plant Based Grocery

6. Plant Based Grocery – Plano, Texas

Plant Based Grocery is an online vegan grocery store offering local delivery within a 20-mile radius of Frisco, Texas. Although they don’t have a physical storefront, you have the convenience of browsing their entire selection online, plus it enables them to stock a wider variety of vegan grocery items. You can also pick up your order from Nature’s Plate in Plano if you live in the area.

Some of their best sellers include vegan dips, plant-based protein bars, vegan jerky, tofu scramble mix, and a selection of multi-vitamins. You can also get stickers, shirts, keychains, and patches to show your support for a vegan lifestyle.

anns healthfood center and market best vegan stores in the us
Photo credit: Ann's Healthfood Center & Market

7. Ann’s Healthfood Center & Market – Multiple locations, Texas

Ann’s Healthfood Center & Market has multiple locations across Texas, including Dallas and Waxahachie. Their slogan is “in business for your health,” and they sell tons of organic and natural products. They are not an entirely vegan market, but you can find many vegan options there, including snacks, condiments, soups, and baked goods that they make in-house. You have to try their vegan, organic zucchini loaf!

Photo credit: Orchard Grocer

8. Orchard Grocer – New York, New York

Orchard Grocer is a 100% vegan market and deli located on the Lower East Side. They are hoping to replicate that traditional New York deli feel, only veganized! And we think they are doing a fantastic job. In the deli, you can find yummy vegan sandwiches along with a variety of take-home pantry items and snacks.

Beyond deli items, their vegan grocery list is extensive with hundreds of products, including vegan egg alternatives, plant-based meat options, condiments, and more. They even offer delivery to anywhere in New York City, so you don’t even need to leave your house to enjoy their tasty vegan products.

9. Lucky Mouth Grocery - Dallas, Texas

Your mouth is in luck if you happen to be in Dallas… Lucky Mouth Grocery have a wide range of tasty vegan foods. Plus, you can order online for pick up & local delivery.

10. Mashup Market - Denton, Texas

If the cute pigs aren’t enough to get you visiting Mashup Market, then their vegan food offering will. Make sure to check out their calendar for any events they are attending.

They also have a great selection of gluten-free foods.

Did you know our vegan jerky and vegan bacon are both gluten-free?

herbivore clothing company vegan stores in the us

11. The Herbivore Clothing Company - Portland, Oregon

Now, don’t be fooled by the name, The Herbivore Clothing Company stock loads of tasty vegan food alongside their vegan clothing offering.

We’d go as far to say that it is vegan paradise – a one stop shop for all things vegan.

Shopping at vegan stores in the US

By shopping at independent vegan stores, like the ones featured above, you can continue to support a vegan economy, plus enjoy some delicious food as well!