Episode 1 - Joe Milam CEO of Angel Span

Episode 1 - Joe Milam CEO of Angel Span

In this episode of People You Should Meet with Brett Christoffel, Brett chats with Joe Milam CEO of AngelSpan. 

Joe began his career as a broker for E.F. Hutton, then moved into managing a substantial multi-family office, driving exceptional results. For over the past decade-plus, Joe has worked to bring wiser ways to invest and for start-ups to raise capital. You can learn more at their site www.angelspan.com.

AngelSpan is known for best-in-class investor relations for startups. They have been a wonderful partner to work with as All Y'alls Foods has been growing. Brett says, "As a founder, it’s impossible to find time to do everything. Having AngelSpan’s expertise in investor communications takes a huge burden off of my plate and gives me some more time."

They cover:

  • Why Joe entered the world of investments and became a stockbroker
  • Best practices for investors
  • Best practices for founders
  • The biggest mistake investors make
  • What he considers his most influential book 

About People You Should Meet:

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