Luna's Story

In the heart of Texas, amidst vast fields where cattle are run, Luna the Longhorn was born with an unmistakable spark in her eyes. Raised initially for traditional agriculture through a school program, Luna's early days were filled with the typical experiences of a young longhorn. However, she always felt a bit different from her peers—more curious, more empathetic, and with a strong desire to live free from a bovine's typical end, slaughter.

One fateful day at the auction, Luna's path took an unexpected turn. A compassionate couple
noticed the twinkle in her eyes and her gentle nature, so they purchased and rescued her, deciding she should live her full life cared for and loved. They took her to her new home, where she flourished. It was here, among fields of green grasses and springtime bluebonnets, that Luna discovered her true calling.

Luna is an ambassador for a new, compassionate way of life. She embodies the spirit of Texas while championing a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. With her charming demeanor, she has already won the hearts of many who see her as a reflection of their own resilience and pioneering spirit.

Luna looks forward to sharing tales from her growing up, offering tips and encouraging others to challenge themselves with sustainable living or just spreading joy with her sunny disposition; Luna brings people together. She's a symbol of transformation and kindness, resonating deeply with those who are navigating the journey toward a more compassionate, sustainable, and healthier lifestyle.