Episode 16 - Shabnam Islam Spokesperson for vKind

Episode 16 - Shabnam Islam Spokesperson for vKind


In this episode of People You Should Meet with Brett Christoffel, Brett chats with Shabnam Islam. She is all about nutritional impacts and fitness. A women of many talents, Shabnam is a spokesperson for vKind, a Kinesiology Instructor, a TV host and more. 

The cover: 

  • Where Shabnam grew up?
  • What made her focus on plants as a food source? 
  • The challenges in her work.
  • Her favorite go-to vegan snack.
  • The Vegan Women's Summit

About People You Should Meet:

Brett Christoffel, founder and CEO of All Y'alls Foods, introduces interesting folks he thinks you should know on the People You Should Meet Podcast.

After being on many excellent podcasts, he decided he knew a slew of people everyone should know. From this grew his own podcast introducing you to doctors, authors, CEOs, business owners, bodybuilders, triathletes, and others who care about our planet and everything living on it.


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