The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Snacks

Although people love to joke about vegans munching on “rabbit food,” there is soooo much more to vegan snacking than carrots and celery. Whether you’re looking for something easy to throw into your backpack for a hike or something delicious to dig into on movie night, there is no shortage of vegan-friendly options to choose from.

Are you feeling like a savory snack? How about some jerky?

Have you got a sweet craving? Try some brownies or cookies!

In this ultimate guide to vegan snacking, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the wonderful world of vegan snacks. But we can’t promise you won’t be hungry by the end!

Vegan Snacks Contents

Why eat vegan snacks?

So, why choose vegan snacks over your regular old favorites? Besides the fact that they are super yummy, there are also some other benefits to snacks without animal by-products.

tasty vegan snacks healthy protein balls

1. Nutrition

Chicken nuggets, ice cream, and mozzarella sticks might taste delicious, but they have minimal nutritional value and can even be harmful to your health. Meat and dairy tend to be high in cholesterol, putting you at risk for heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

Instead, consuming plant-based snacks, such as those made from a soy base, nuts, popcorn, or fruits, will satisfy your snack craving plus give you some extra fiber without added bad cholesterol. On top of that, vegan diets are notoriously low in saturated fats and high in vital nutrients like protein, calcium, B vitamins, magnesium, and zinc.

2. Ethical reasons

Avoiding snacks made with animal products is one of the best ways you can stop contributing to animal exploitation and suffering. By eating vegan snacks, you are supporting the future of food since everything we need is in plants. 

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3. Environment

The animal agriculture industry is one of the top polluting industries on the planet. One of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint is by choosing vegan snacks over cheese, hotdogs, beef jerky, ice cream, etc.

Plant based snacks use on average 1/10th to 1/16th the resources to produce compared to traditional animal based snacks. So less energy, water, land are needed and much less waste is created. . So, choosing vegan snacks instead can eliminate the excessive use of such valuable resources.

What snacks are vegan?

vegan jerky on a vegan charcuterie board

Snacks are a quick fix to your hunger pangs between meals. You can purchase ready-made snacks or throw together something yourself (anything under 10 minutes of prep time counts as a snack to us!) A vegan snack is anything that doesn’t include animal-based ingredients such as meat, dairy, or eggs.

There is more to vegan snacking than hummus and crackers or Oreos. There are delicious snack options that you can buy or whip up fast that will rival – or even surpass the flavor of your favorite animal-based snacks.

But what snacks are vegan? Vegan snack options include the obvious – like vegetables and fruits, which are a delicious and healthy option. But we all have those snack cravings that just can’t be satisfied by fruits and veggies. 

Salty snacks like super buttery popcorn or beef jerky are now available in vegan friendly snacks. And for your sweet tooth, you can get some vegan candy or chocolate. 

Some of your favorite snacks may already be vegan and you don’t even know it! Snacks like crackers, Oreos, unfrosted pop tarts, potato chips, Twizzlers and Sour Patch Kids are all unintentionally vegan. 

Let’s take a look at some more of the options available to you.

What are vegan snacks made from?

Vegan snacks are made from just about anything you can imagine, but if you’re looking for snacks that closely mimic snacks made with animal products, then here are some of the most common ingredients and best sources of plant-based protein.

  • Pea protein
  • Tofu
  • Soy
  • Chickpeas
  • Flaxseeds/apple sauce (as an egg replacer)
  • Nuts and nut butters
  • Almond/oat/soy/coconut milk (as a dairy replacer)
  • Dates

Many vegan snack options include very standard ingredients that you’d also find in non-vegan snacks like wheat, oats, sugar, corn, potatoes etc. Plus, fruits and vegetables always make an easy and healthy snacking option in a pinch, since you can pick them up anywhere. 

Vegan snack Options

vegan bacon snacks on peanut toast

Need some vegan snack ideas for your next get-together or group event? WOW your friends with some of these tasty vegan snacks:

Vegan jerky

Who doesn’t love a good jerky when you’re on a hike, driving in the car, or just in need of something quick to curb the hunger pains between work breaks? Jerky won’t leak in your bag, it isn’t messy to eat, it’s delicious, and now you can get a vegan friendly version! Vegan jerky can be made with non-GMO, organic soy which resembles the texture of actually jerky. Plus you can get it in a bunch of different flavors. 

Vegan bacon

Put bacon on anything and it ups the ante. Burgers, sandwiches, pancakes and even popcorn just taste better with bacon. Luckily, you can now snag a vegan friendly version of this mouth-watering snack. Go ahead and add it to your favorite snack foods, or just eat it straight. We won’t judge you!

Vegan baked goods (cookies, muffins, cupcakes, pies)

While you may assume that moist, decadent baked goods must be loaded with eggs and milk, they definitely don’t have to be. Some of our favorite vegan snacks like muffins, cookies, cupcakes and donuts can be made vegan friendly. While egg is often used as a binder for baked goods, there are many other ingredients that do the same thing. Some of the best substitutes for eggs in vegan friendly snacks include applesauce, flax, bananas, silken tofu, tapioca starch or premade egg replacers. 

Vegan dips

Some of our favorite vegan snacks include vegan dips. Dips are a universal crowd pleaser and a great option to take to potlucks, picnics, or eat for a snack at home. Hummus is a staple vegan dip, and one of the best vegan snacks to buy or make yourself. It’s a super versatile dip and you can jazz it up by adding different ingredients like roasted peppers, garlic, beets, chipotle, dill – basically anything you can think of. 
You can also make or buy dips made from white or black bean, baba ganoush, curried lentils, or vegan cheese dips.  

Vegan pizza

It wouldn’t be a snack list without the world’s favorite snack – pizza. What might surprise you is that pizza dough is almost always vegan. Pizza dough is made from flour and water, sometimes with the addition of salt, oil or yeast. You can top your pizza with your favorite sauce, veggies, vegan cheese and mocks meats like vegan jerky or vegan bacon. 


Popcorn isn’t just for the movies. And you don’t have to miss out on buttery, salty popcorn just because you’re vegan. Popcorn on it’s own is vegan, but dry popcorn is no fun! You can level up your popcorn by adding melted vegan margarine, making a cheesy sauce with nutritional yeast and olive oil or adding a light dusting of chili powder. 

Some other vegan snack options include:

  • Trail mix
  • Fruit leather
  • Energy bars/balls
  • Popcorn
  • Seaweed crisps
  • Vegan bruschetta

What are the best vegan snacks?

While everyone’s taste buds are slightly different, we do have some favorite vegan snacks that are universal crowd-pleasers.

WOW your plant-based and meat-eating friends with vegan snack options that taste even better than their animal-based counterparts.

What snacks are vegan? Well, whether you’re looking for a vegan alternative to your favorite meaty snack like jerky or bacon, or a sweet treat like muffins or cakes, you can either buy it, or make it yourself.

Here are some of the best vegan snacks that are quick, easy, and delicious!

1. The best vegan snacks to buy

Vegan friendly snacks are becoming increasingly easier to find and the demand for vegan snack options increases. While you can of course buy fruits and vegetables anywhere, it’s nice to have more interesting options that can satisfy those snack cravings. Here are some of the best vegan snacks to buy:

2. Vegan snacks you can make

Whether you’re a wiz in the kitchen or can barely throw together a sandwich, you can whip up some delicious vegan snacks at home. You can make these simple vegan snack options to take to work, for a special event or just to dig into yourself on a night in! All the ingredients are easy to get your hands on and don’t require you to have to run around to super specialty stores. In fact, many you can even order online! 

Here are some great vegan snack recipes that you can make yourself:

Join the vegan snacking revolution

Forgoing animal products doesn’t mean you need to miss out on your favorite snacks—quite the opposite. With so many substitutions available, you can still enjoy salty snacks like jerky, or sweet treats like muffins and cakes, without contributing to the animal agriculture industry. 

Try out one of these vegan snacks, and let us know what you think!